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Handy Honey Hints

  • When measuring honey, dip the spoon in hot water first so the honey slides off easily.
  • Use light coloured honey for cakes, biscuits and stewed fruits. Use darker honey for stronger flavour in gingerbread or chocolate combinations
  • Cakes and biscuits made with honey keep longer, as honey absorbs and retains moisture. Which helps baked foods stay soft and can improve the texture and flavour.
  • To substitute honey in your cooking use the same measurement as you would for sugar, but reduce the liquid content by 25%.
  • When adding honey to butter, pour slowly in a fine stream.
  • Always keep honey in a dry place - not the fridge.
  • When honey crystallises this is a natural process, all pure honey will do this. To return honey to liquid, place container in a pot of warm water for a while or in the microwave on a low temperature for a few seconds.
  • Honey is a natural preservative and will never go out of date!
Ligurian Bees Grazing on Mallee Flora

Ligurian Bees from the Hive

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