Clifford's Honey Farm
Kangaroo Island

History of our Honey Farm



Dave started out with a couple of hives as a hobby in 1973.

Dave Clifford in the 1970s
Dave Clifford in the 1970s

During the 1980s when the wool prices dropped, Dave and Jenny diversified by expanding their fledgling honey industry. They opened the shop in 1993 and it has been a buzzing success ever since.

Dave now runs approx 300 honey producing hives and it is increasing each year. With help from daughters Bev and Sharon and son in laws Tony and Greg, Dave can extract up to 20 tonnes of honey annually.

The Honey Farm aims to provide visitors with quality honey, select regional produce and to provide information on the unique Ligurian bee found only on Kangaroo Island.

Dave and Jenny are committed to upholding the integrity of this unique resource for future generations to enjoy.

Jenny and Dave employ 8 people, including their daughters and husbands, two grandchildren and locals Kelly and Julie.

Clifford family at opening of shop in 1993
Jenny and Dave Clifford with daughters Sharon and Bev at opening of shop in 1993


Ligurian Bees Grazing on Mallee Flora

Ligurian Bees from the Hive

Top Quality Cliffords Honey ready for sale

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